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Steel Roller Shutters
Industrial roller shutters feature individually roll-formed replaceable interlocking slats for additional strength and security.



Aluminium Shutters
Available as Standard or Series 3 (for large openings). Both available as a plain screen or with ventilation slots or UV acrylic infill panels for dust control and visibility.

Clearspan Shutters
Horizontal clear polycarbonate slats with aluminium joiners provide a secure dust proof means of closing an opening where visibility and clean lines are desired.

12mm Tube Aluminium Grilles
These 12mm Tube Aluminium Grilles are ideal for bar tops, counter tops, shop fronts, pedestrian openings, and arcades.

19mm Tube Aluminium Grilles
The 19mm Tube Aluminium Grilles forms a secure, robust barrier with an attractive appearance.
Available in three options:
- Light Commercial Aluminium for retail applications
- Heavy Duty Aluminium for carpark and high cycle applications
- Stainless Steel for attractive high-end retail applications



Sectional Doors are available in three construction styles:
- Henderson Panoramic - Aluminium glazed doors
- Henderson Custom - A range of architectural specified finishes for bespoke applications
- Insulated Panels - Stipple finish, foam filled panels providing heat and noise insulation


The Renlita Folding Double Leaf Door is a horizontally hinged, vertically lifting door which accepts a range of glazing and cladding systems to suit widely varying architectural preferences. Ideally suited to large industrial openings.



Fyreshield Fire Shutters
Our range of shutters represents years of experience in the design of fire resistant roller shutters, which has culminated in a product that satisfies the highest standard of fire resistance.

Fyresafe Sliding Fire Doors
Metalbilt® sliding fire doors for applications where conventional hinged doors are impractical or where large openings are required in fire walls.

FC240 Automatic Fire Curtains
Fire curtains activate in the event of a fire, providing a fire resistant barrier protecting and isolating an area of a building from fire damage.

SD60 Automatic Smoke Curtains
Smoke Curtains provide a means of protecting and diverting smoke away from desired areas.

Hinged Fire Doors
Full range of hinged fire doors are available from 30 minute up to 240 minute integrity rated doors, prehung in timber or steel frames.



Sliding Steel Doors
The sliding steel door range covers all types of sliding doors from our top hung Liteslider through to our very large R.P. sliders on floor tracks. All doors accept a range of glazing and cladding systems to satisfy the customers requirements.

Flush Panel Steel Doors and Frames
The Flush Panel Steel Door is custom made for commercial applications. The steel door is designed to be attractive and hard wearing.



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