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Our industrial roller shutters are engineered using the latest computer modelling techniques, providing a durable product for commercial and industrial applications.

Curtains are assembled from roll-formed galvanised steel interlocking slats, which are individually replaceable if damaged. This feature along with the additional strength from a slat type door makes them superior to continuous sheet type doors.

The bottom bar fitted to the lower edge of the curtain is extruded aluminium with a neoprene weather strip. Guides are roll-formed galvanised steel, with the choice of standard or wind locked. Powder coating of the door and guides is available.

Helically wound torsion springs are contained within the barrel to counterbalance the weight of the curtain. Manual operating methods are by spring balanced or manual hand chain. Electrical operation is by compact gearbox with three phase or single phase motorising. A range of door controllers is offered. A high cycle operation for car park applications is also available.

Finishes  - Roller shutters are available in cold rolled galvanised (standard), zincalume or powdercoat finishes ex factory. Matt finishes and dark colours will emphasise the inherent scuffing that occurs during the day to day operation of all roller doors. Exposure to adverse atmospheric conditions, such as proximity to fumes from high traffic areas, industrial plants, coastal and sulphur rich environments may adversely affect the appearance and life expectancy of the product. Refer to the maintenance/service instructions for cleaning recommendations. Metalbilt has a range of options to enhance the finish of door components. See Sales for details.

  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Carparks
  • Shop fronts
  • Industrial buildings
Optional Features
  • Wind locks are recommended for openings
    over 5m wide or where extra security is required
  • Low side room & overhead motorising
  • Vented & perforated curtains
  • Hinged & sliding mullions
  • Wicket gates
  • Zincalume coated roller shutters
Standard Sizes Available
  • Roller shutters available up to 43.5m² in area with:
  • Maximum height = 7.5 metres
  • Maximum width = 7.25 metres

For information on our Fire Rated Roller Shutters, refer to the Fire Resistant Products page.

Doors outside this size range are available on request. Please contact us for more information regarding Metalbilt®  products and services.



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