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Metalbilt®  flush panel doors are custom engineered and fabricated from zinc-coated steel in various size’s, with glass panels or louvers as required. The pressed door frames have been carefully designed to suit local conditions and materials.

The doors and frames provide a concept for interior and exterior use, which is permanent and attractive, yet offers a high standard of security.

All hardware including locks, hinges, shoot bolts, door closers, door hooks, doorstops, etc. are supplied as required, and precision fitted on robust backing plates built into the door.

A suitable primer is applied in the factory or an alternative finish can be supplied as required.

To improve the operation of the door, each frame is fitted with two rubbers or plastic buffers attached to the locking jamb rebate. A variety of frame profiles are available.


  • Public Conveniences
  • Parks and Reserves
  • Remote Locations
  • Sports Grounds
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Schools
  • Hotels

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