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Heavy duty rolling security grilles have curtains assembled from 19mm aluminium tubes at 75mm pitch joined by aluminium links spaced at 500mm providing 67% airflow. Every 6th rod has a retaining plug to captivate the rod within the guide section. The tubes and links can be replaced individually if damaged.

An aluminium bottom bar is fitted to lower edge of the curtain. Guides are made from extruded aluminium with a retaining nib and fitted with a brush pile strip to prevent metal to metal contact. The curtain and guides are available as clear anodised or powder coated. Helically wound torsion springs are contained within the barrel to counterbalance the weight of the curtain.

Manual operating methods are by spring balanced or manual hand chain. Electrical operation is by compact three phase or single phase motorising. A range of door controllers is offered. High cycle operation for car park applications is also available.

Flush mounted locking with various keying options are available.

Applications Optional Features Standard Sizes Available
  • Carparks
  • Shopfronts
  • Large pedestrian openings
  • Industrial buildings
  • Low side room & overhead motorising options
  • Mullions
  • Lifting deterrent mechanism
    19mm tube aluminium rolling grille is available up to 50 m² in area with:
  • Maximum height = 5 metres
  • Maximum width = 10 metres

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