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Lightness and ease of operation are features of the Henderson Sectional Industrial Door. They are available in three types of panels:

1) Panoramic
Extruded aluminium door sections complete with a clip glazing system providing maximum clear vision. These can be supplied with anodised or powder coated frame sections and fitted with toughened glass.
2) Galvanised Steel
Cold-formed panel sections producing a flush outside face reinforced with ribs. Meeting rails have rebated type weather joints to act as interlocking struts. Powder coating available. 600mm x 185mm vision panels can be included.
3) Insulated
Imported stipple foam filled panels with industrial grade hardware. Available in a limited range of RAL Colorsteel colours or wet sprayed to exterior surfaces.


  • All sectional doors have weather strips fitted to the bottom panel
  • The wedge action of the door against the frame provides a secure weather-tight closure
  • The doors are accurately counterbalanced with torsion springs, helically grooved drums and galvanised lift cables
  • Track and hardware are galvanised steel
  • Manual push up or chain hoist operated
  • Electrical operation is by compact gearbox with three phase or single phase motorising. A range of door controllers is offered

Applications Optional Features Standard Sizes Available
  • Firestations & ambulance bays
  • Bus depots
  • Service stations
  • Carparks
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial buildings 
  • Infill panel choice of glass, polycarbonate, aluminium, amplimesh, timber or any combination of the above
  • Standard lift, low headroom, lift clear, follow-the-roof and full vertical lifting configurations available
  • Henderson Sectional Panoramic Doors available up to 22m² in area with:
    Maximum height of 5.0 metres
    Maximum width 
    of 6.1 metres
  • Henderson Sectional Galvanised Steel Doors available up to 42m² in area with:
    Maximum height of 6.1 metres
    Maximum width of 8.0 metres

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