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Renlita Folding Double Leaf Doors hinge at mid-height, folding horizontally whilst rising upwards as they open. The steel frame design accepts a wide range of glazing and cladding systems to suit varying architectural preferences.

The door leaves are designed and constructed to suit the size of the opening, taking into consideration the choice of cladding material and required wind loading.
The doors are accurately counterweighted  to ensure ease of operation even for large openings.

Manual doors are counterbalanced to allow the operator to lift and leave the door in the required position. Electrical operation is by compact gearbox with three phase or single phase motorising. A range of door controllers is offered.

  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial buildings
  • Schools
Optional Features
    Cladding choice of:
  • Aluminium glazing
  • Colour steel or aluminium profiled cladding
  • Polycarbonate translucent cladding
  • Mesh infill panels
  • Timber or any combination of the above
Standard Sizes Available
Renlita Folding Double Leaf Doors available up to 10 metres high and 30 metres wide.

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