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Smoke curtains activate in the event of a fire, providing a means of diverting smoke away from a desired location or protecting an area from direct smoke infiltration.

As the name suggests, this is an electrically operated automatic smoke curtain, for use as part of an integrated smoke control system. It is essentially a roller blind incorporating heat resistant fabric normally held retracted at ceiling level. Individual curtains can be installed adjacent to one another to give a continuous bank of curtains. The curtains meets the requirements of BS EN 12101.1.

In the event of a fire a signal allows the curtain to unroll at a controlled rate and drop to a preset height. The curtains are totally gravity fail safe. When retracting a current limiting system determines when the curtain has reached its fully retracted position and holds the curtain in that position awaiting its next alarm signal. A 3-hour Battery backup caters for short power outages.

The curtain can withstand hot air and smoke at temperatures up to 1000°C for 60 minutes due to the Panama weave X32k glass cloth micronised aluminium polymer fabric.

The smoke curtain manufacturing processes and quality control meet the full requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:1994

The Smoke curtains are ideal for commercial buildings such as shopping centres and buildings with central atria.



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