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Fire has always been one of the greatest threats to life and property costing the country millions of dollars each year. The installation of fire break doors is intended to compartmentalize large areas of a building into smaller units greatly reducing the spread of fire.

Our range of shutters represents years of experience in the design of fire resistant roller shutters, which has culminated in a product that satisfies the highest standard of fire resistance, yet is also competitively priced.



Low speed hand chain via gearbox and rollerchain drive.
For frequently used doors motorising is recommended.


3 phase 0.37kW with auto hand chain. Fire shutters operate at lower speeds than unrated shutters.


CODE 100 (Hand chain only)

Activation by 24VDC fire signal and fusible link.
Manual resetting.

CODE 300 – Activation by fusible link only. Manual resetting
CODE 400 (Motorised only)

Activation by 24VDC fire signal and fusible link. 230V auto reset when reopened or pull cord for manual resetting of activator solenoid.
Access to link and cables required for manual resetting.



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