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Sliding fire doors, rated to protect from fires for up to 4 hours can be supplied and installed by Metalbilt®.

These doors comprise a lightweight refracting core clad in galvanised steel sheeting and capped with steel channels. Modular construction allows large doors to be supplied in sections for easier handling and installation. 
Doors are available as single leaf, sliding from one side of the opening or as biparting pairs, reducing the sidestacking sideroom required. 
They may be activated by fusible link or by alarm signal.
Standard operating modes include 'always open', self closing (smaller doors) or free to manually slide open and closed.

Installation is approved for masonry walls to provide up to -/240/30 FRR or up to -/60/30 in a specially modified timber stud wall. See Metalbilt® for details of the wall construction.
Due to the tight clearances required to achieve these fire ratings, walls and floors must be flat and true.


Applications Optional Features
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Carparks
  • Shopping centres
  • Hospitals & institutions
An E-Core®  sliding door system selected for the application at hand is dependent on the size of the opening to be covered and the available side room around the opening. The Metalbilt sliding fire door range includes:
  • Single leaf sliding doors (with optional personal wicket doors)
  • Bi-parting sliding doors

Standard Sizes Available,
Single leaf, bi-parting and multiple Leaf:
- Maximum opening size - 4.2m high x 6.1m wide (subject to weight limitations).

Please contact us if you require more information on sliding fire doors or other Metalbilt® products and services.


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